Friday, September 2

back to the states

Anyhoo, back in Manhattan and back to school. This year I am in the digital studio, which means making movies for my comrades and me. Lots of work but lots of fun. The only problem is that my computer blew up, yes even had smoke coming out of the back, and its still not fixed, maybe tomorrow? I'm also working at this totally cool new T-shirt shop. The owners even let me design and build some things, which turned out pretty good for my first project for real people. Well for now, its time for some more reading!!!!

Saturday, May 28

The worst blog ever

Apparently this is now the worst blog on the net, though the coward that posted that left it anonymous; how worthless. Anyhoo, I guess I haven't posted anything in quite some time. I wish I could say that I have been really busy doing all sorts of fun things, but the fact of the matter is that I’ve just been doing alot of homework, and or sitting in my room watching movies. Perhaps there are a couple highlights. I watched the Liverpool AC Milan game in an Irish pub. Beer was expensive but actually seeing some enthusiastic people was excellent. Plus is was the most insane game EVER, down three nil in the first half, Liverpool scores three goals in six minutes. Then thirty minutes of extra time, only to win in the shootout. Needless to say the place was crazy. I have decided Americans don't know how to be fans, not like this. Later this week we had our last ERAMUS party, this one was three hundred international students on a large boat on the Vatava. I was amazing tons of fun till some of the Spaniards started throwing tables into the river, we docked soon after and were forced off only to reconvene at nebe. The fun is over for a few days its back to studio and laundry........

Sunday, May 8

one jacket_two jacket_[no jacket]

For some reason winter is back. Last night we went to a party and i had to wear two coats. The party was super fun lots of people. Our friend Grant had his family in town and brought them along. So it was a bunch of erasmus kids plus Grant's mom, two aunts, and grandma. Too funny. They stayed till like 3 in the morning, typical scotts. Anyhoo, around 430, we decide to head out. When I went to put on my jackets, both wear full of vomit, I flipped out! So now I,m intoxicated and pissed off bad combo. Rosemary said shed clean then so I left them there. So now its cold again and both my jackets are not here, looks like I'm staying inside. tear......

Thursday, May 5

one long [trip]

Last week I took a trip. here are some highlights....

+train to berlin, hang out in the little airport for a flight to pisa

+get into pisa, and get super lost looking for our place, which turned out to be a caravan, yikes

+pisa is worthless, and engineering disaster turned tourist trap

+ catch the train to casteleon, where the rest of the kstate kids are, excellent to see everyone

+basket takes us to cortona, the next town over, gorgeous

+two days in florence, tons to see. michelangelo is a freakshow! the david is too perfect for words. I almost wept.
lots of architecture to see, it was kinda surreal seeing buildings you've studied in books...

+on to rome, not as cool, but still nice. except for the basterds selling things, for a minute you’d think this is great and then they'd totally ruin it by sticking some crap in your face. saw the pope, when to church in st. peters. saw more of michelangelo’s handiwork

+we needed to get back to pisa for the flight back, so we went to the beach in loo of more roman concrete. such a great idea, cinque terra was so hot; sun, sand, and ice blue water

+back to berlin, i'm in love with this place. once again total destruction of a city gives it the chance to be amazing.

well that was the trip in a nut shell, the sad part is my charger for my camera was lost; it turned up behind adams bed sometime this week, how? I have no idea! also my slr broke in cortona, so really no pics, its sad I know..... tear.....

Sunday, April 17


Yesterday, we went to three of Scottish friends play rugby. Most of us had no clue what was going on, but I think I understood it by the end. Anyhow, this is the craziest game ever. The two teams beat the crap out of each other and then have a huge party, its great. The visiting team pays for a few kegs and lots of food. All of the rest of our friends left, but Adam and I stayed behind and had a great time drinking and eating with about 60 of the craziest people I have ever met. Good day…

Friday, April 15

to draw or to drink?

Last night was the usual Thursday indie-rock parting at nebi. It was kinda lame so I left fairly early. This time I didn’t wonder to the other side of town and get totally lost, which is nice. Today, studio and getting train tickets are on the agenda. Unfortunately for my motivation, spring has finally sprung. Things are beginning to get green and the spring fever is taking over people’s minds. The sun is shining, birds are singing, and bees are trying to have sex with them; or so is my understanding. Anyhoo, the park sounds like way more fun than vevtorworks. We shall see….

Monday, April 11


This weekend we ventured to Budapest, the capital of Hungry. It was a great trip, here’s some highlight.

_ Thermal baths- really relaxing, lots of fun and lots of old balls. Tourist wear shorts, real men do not.

_ House of Hungarian Wine- Cheap, two hours of fun. I got kicked out, not for being drunk, rather being there over the two hours. No one else got the boot, they all stayed for another hour. Luckily I had just bought a bottle of wine and a Cuban cigar, so I had my own party atop Budda Castle hill at sunset.

_ St. Steven’s Cathedral- huge church, extremely ornate. I finally got some sketching done. On Sunday I went to mass there, it was in Hungarian but I git the gist of it.

_ Hungarian Parliament- Huge building, lots of gold, but no U.S. Capital.

_ Budda Castle- Big and green, from all the copper.

_ Labyrinth Under Budda Castle- This was like a haunted house in the ancient caves and passageways under a castle. I totally got lost, but it was worth it because I just stated scaring random people that I encountered.

This has been my favorite city that I have visited yet, but I have a feeling it will be dethroned on the Italy trip next week. Because I packed the morning of I forgot my camera, so all I have to show is this sketch I did of St. Steven’s.

If you have read this far, I should hope you comment, the man is watching……